Yoga Strong Luxe Performance

“The designs are fun and the material is kind on my joints and easy to clean. I highly recommend it!” - Hannah G.

Meet Yoga Strong, your new favorite workout accessory.

  • Evaporates sweat 3x faster

  • Up to 2x more cushion 

  • Improve Hygiene by 70%

  • Up to 4 inches extra length

(30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee)

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*All orders are eligible for return of exchange within 30 days of the purchase date. Orders ship from our warehouse in Los Angeles, CA

We're not your average Yoga mat.

and we like it that way.


5MM dual-layer mat provides greater stability, durability, and comfort for even your sweatiest workouts.


Designed by LA's top fashion designers, each style is produced in limited quantities. Once sold out, it will never be re-printed.


Microfiber suede top player uses nanotechnology to achieve a slip-free workout.


Natural tree rubber is recyclable, biodegradable, and odorless for a guilt-free workout.

Yoga Strong strives to deliver innovative design, so that you can display authentic self-expression in your fitness routine. Our mat features a convergence of style & function that pushes the boundaries of performance. 

Your New Favorite Yoga Mat


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How Yoga Strong's Different

Traditional yoga mats are awful. You slip and slide and never wash it. Gross. You should switch. Today.

Yoga Strong Is Perfect If...

  • You workout regularly or occasionally

  • You experience aches & pains

  • You want to protect the Earth

  • You sweat a lot 

  • You have a body 


A Note From The Founder

For as long as I can remember, I ran into the same daily problem - using my mom's flimsy, old yoga mat.

I’d normally just suffer through it, but my workout just wasn’t the same. I'd still break a sweat, but I would leave frustrated and disappointed, eventually reducing my desire altogether.

That’s when the idea of Yoga Strong came about. I loved yoga and thought, “what if we combined really cool designs with enhanced quality to make the best yoga mat?”

I immediately got to work trying to design the perfect yoga mat for fashion and function.

After hundreds of test batches, we finally found the winning combination:

  • 2x more cushion to protect sensitive knees and hips
  • Hydrogrip Performance Layer to evaporate sweat 3x faster
  • Exclusive, limited edition designs that capture your fashionable sensibilities and individuality
  • Machine Washable materials bring you a sense of peace 

What started as a personal project to help me enjoy my daily workout is now enjoyed by thousands of people every day. We're happy you're here to share this journey with us, and we hope you'll love Yoga Strong as much as we do.


We offer a 30-day, full money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, just email us 

and we’ll process a refund. No questions asked.

How do I clean my Yoga Strong mat?

  • Your Yoga Strong mat can be cleaned in 2 ways.
1) It can be machine washed and aired to dry.
2) Spray or wipe down with a wet sponge and mild soapy water. Air to dry.
Keep out of prolonged direct sunlight to maintain mat’s glowing design! 

How is a Yoga strong mat different from other yoga mats?

Beyond a color and pattern that suits your style, your yoga mat needs to keep you stable in your poses, yet be comfy and cushy. As a result, Your Yoga Strong mat's personality is carefully designed and manufactured by our Research & Development Team to help you find a yoga mat you can be blissfully happy with — one that suits your practice, priorities, lifestyle, values, and budget.

Will my Yoga Strong mat stay grippy even in hot yoga?

Yoga Strong mats are designed with a built-in microfiber suede layer that's soft and cushiony when dry and extra grippy when sweaty. The microfiber suede particles are moisture activated, so you can be at your best, even during your sweatiest sessions.

What is Composite Technology?

Yoga Strong mats are manufactured with a dual-layer process. The stability and durability of the base layer, combined with the highly absorbent top layer, elevate the standard for premium quality yoga mats.

What is Hydrogrip Performance?

The microfiber suede top layer uses nanotechnology with crystal particles in order to provide the highest quality yoga experience. The microfiber suede changes the fiber structure after absorbing sweat, which effectively increases the anti-slip effect.

Are Yoga Strong mats eco-friendly?

Yoga Strong mats are eco-friendly due to their use of 100% natural tree rubber, which is a sustainable and renewable resource. The natural rubber is harvested without harming the tree, and the mat is manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetic materials, making it biodegradable and reducing its impact on the environment. This also means that the mat does not release toxic chemicals or microplastics during use or disposal, making it a safer and more environmentally friendly choice.

(30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee)