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5 Reasons Why Professional Athletes Use Yoga Strong Mats 

"The highest quality and best designed yoga mats" -

1. All Grip, No Slip

When pro athletes are looking for a yoga mat with the best grip, Yoga Strong is their preferred way to go. The HydroGrip Performance Tech contains durable microfiber fabric that is super-soft and supportive, while the unique construction gives you unbeatable grip even in the sweatiest of conditions.

2. Perfect Thickness

Because pro athletes have sensitive knees and hips, just like you! Unlike other yoga mats that overlook your comfort , Yoga Strong not only has 5mm thickness, which offers up to 50% more support than standard mats, but the natural rubber base is not too squishy either. It's perfect for plyometrics, mountain climbers, Warrior 2s, and everything in between. 

3. Quality that lasts

Have you ever bought a “good” yoga mat, only to be disappointed by the lack of cushion or wear and tear after a one or two uses? Us too. As a team of former athletes, we couldn't find a yoga mat we wanted to use, so we designed our own. You deserve fabric that stays soft, durability that withstands sweat, and grip that stays supportive for the long haul.

4. Machine Washable

So, you know how we use yoga mats for exercising and stretching, right? Sometimes, we can get sweaty while using the mat, and it can get a little dirty over time. But, if the yoga mat is machine washable, that means we can easily clean it by putting it in the washing machine just like we do with our clothes!

5.  1000s of happy customers

The comfiest ever!

This was the first yoga mat I tried that provided enough support but still very comfortable. I liked the cute colors and style. Love the smooth surface and the mat is very comfortable.

★★★★★ Kacy A.

★★★★★ 1,063 reviews

Ready to Workout?

★★★★★ 1,063 reviews

Ready to Workout?

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