Finally, a yoga mat that doesn't suck.

Time to Say GOODBYE to...

Slipping on your yoga mat

Not enough cushion for your knees

Boring Designs 

Finally, a yoga mat that doesn't suck.

Time to Say GOODBYE to...

Slipping & sliding during your workout

Boring designs that leave you unmotivated

Gross & old gear that you can't wash properly

“The highest quality and best designed yoga mats in the market. 

“Yoga Strong mats are the best for the sweatiest yogi.

“Unrivaled functional and eco-friendly luxury performance accessories.

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Yoga Strong - Yoga Strong

Grip it, don’t slip it! Don’t sweat your downward dog because your mat is slippery. You already work hard, don’t make it harder.

Start looking and feeling good withthe Yoga Strong Mat. A perfect balance of style and function, the Yoga StrongMat will help bring you joy, purpose, and power. 

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"This mat is as beautiful as it is durable and fun to practice on. I would recommend this over all the name brand mats – it’s that good. Also love the cushion, really great for poses that can be uncomfortable on the knees."


Dual Layer Composite Technology

5mm Extra Strength Support System

Non-Slip HydroGrip Performance

100% Natural Tree Rubber Base Layer

Microfiber Suede Top Layer

72 x 24 in


Hand wash or machine wash cold only.

No spin cycle.

Air to dry - do not place in dryer. 


The designs are fun and the material is kind on my joints and easy to clean. I highly recommend it!


"I've been looking for a good thick mat and finally found one, along with amazing colors and patterns! It's easy to transport with my yoga strap and cute to carry around. The thickness is great too for my knees, especially as I use my mat so much on hardwood floors with all my at home workouts!"

So You Have One Less Sweat To Worry About

We've Thought of Everything

1. 2 Layers for Maximum Strength Support

2. Non-Slip Hydrogrip Designed for Sweaty Workouts

3. 100% Natural Materials to Promote Eco-friendliness

4. 72x24 inches Gives You Extra Length

5. Limited Edition Design to Express Your Individuality

6. 5mm Thickness to Protect Sensitive Joints

Everyone Agrees Yoga Strong Is The Best


How do I clean my Yoga Strong Mat?

Your Yoga Strong mat can be cleaned in 2 ways.

1) It can be machine washed and aired to dry.

2) Spray or wipe down with a wet sponge and mild soapy water. Air to dry.

Keep out of prolonged direct sunlight to maintain mat’s glowing design! 

How is Yoga Strong different from other mats?

Beyond a color and pattern that suits your style, your yoga mat needs to keep you stable in your poses, yet be comfy and cushy. As a result, Your Yoga Strong mat's personality is carefully designed and manufactured by our Research & Development Team to help you find a yoga mat you can be blissfully happy with — one that suits your practice, priorities, lifestyle, values, and budget.

Will my Yoga Strong Mat stay grippy if I sweat a lot?

Yoga Strong mats have a built-in microfiber suede layer that's soft and cushiony when dry and extra grippy when sweaty. The microfiber suede particles are moisture activated, so you can be at your best, even during your sweatiest sessions.

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