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Our Year-Round Coachella

While most people go to the Coachella 3 day music festival that takes place just outside of Palm Springs, California for the bands that were playing, many attend for the epic experience. Yoga Strong is here to bring you that epic experience with our Coachella flower yoga mat, just without the music. Here are 4 ways the Coachella flower yoga mat can be a great alternative to the festival. 

1. Being Present

Leaving your mind and problems at home and letting your body get back to nature is a big mantra of yoga, and also applies to the music festival. At the festival, the music is blaring, the weather is sweltering, and you could care less about unchecked e-mails in your inbox. That's called being present. When in your favorite hot yoga class, you have to focus on your breath, sweat dripping, while contorting your body, you also could care less about unchecked e-mails in your inbox. That's called being present. So if you're missing the festival this year, break out your Coachella flower yoga mat, and get moving!

2. The Hot, Crowded Space

At Coachella, there are people everywhere. It's cramped, it's scorching, it's quite the scene. Not all that different from your favorite yoga class, where everyone is breathing heavily and sweating in close proximity to each other. Most yoga studios even play mainstream music as part of a contemporary lifestyle. Just don't forget your Coachella flower yoga mat.

3. The Technology

Flashing lights everywhere. big screens on stage, fireworks ready to go off, immersive video all over, fancy speakers. While this is just standard for the music festival, no, that's not your yoga studio. However, Coachella's commitment to being at the forefront of technological advancement in sound and design is similar to Yoga Strong's commitment to technological advancement with their yoga mat. Upgraded with Composite Technology, the Yoga Strong mat is designed to be the most progressive yoga mat on the market. 

4. The Energy

You can feel the vibrant energy as soon as you enter each's sacred space. Being around like-minded individuals can have a contagious effect on you. At a music festival, you may be more keen to jump around and scream when the energy around you calls for such activity. At a yoga studio, you may be more conscious of your breathing technique and motivated to push your body to its limits when trying to keep pace with the instructor. 

So if you’re in the market to perk yourself up with a purchase, kill two birds with one stone with the Coachella flower yoga mat, and you’ll find yourself smiling more.