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Yoga Strong | #1 Guide For Yoga Articles

  • The 10 Best Stretches for Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing can be a daunting activity, and your muscles will be challenged. To prevent any soreness or injury while climbing, it’s important to have a strong stretching routine. That’s why, today, we’ll cover some of the best stretches for rock climbing that you can do today.
  • 10 Stretches for Ballet | Full-Body Stretching Routine

    Ballet is one of the most physically challenging activities. You’re moving your body at extreme speeds and constantly challenging your muscles’ range of motion. That said, stretching for ballet is critical. That’s why we’re going to highlight the best stretches for ballet that you can do today.
  • The 10 Best Stretches for Golfers | Improve Swing Flexibility

    Even though golf may not be a high-intensity sport that requires running and jumping like basketball or tennis, it still necessitates a proper stretching routine.
  • What to Wear to Yoga Class | Everything You Should Bring

    People often overlook what to wear to yoga class. However, clothes can be a big differentiator in your experience. Baggy clothing can get in the way when doing certain poses and some articles help for classes like hot yoga.
  • 10 Things to Bring With You to Yoga Class

    Do you know what to bring to yoga class? There’s no worse feeling in yoga than coming to class and forgetting something important. That's why today, we'll list eight essentials you need to bring with you to every yoga sessions. 
  • The 10 Best Stretches for Soccer Players

    One thing all soccer players can agree on is the importance of stretching. Flexibility plays a vital role in helping athletes play their best soccer. With all the running, cutting, and kicking in soccer, flexibility can be the difference maker in how well you play.