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Build Your Bundle & Save

For a limited time, choose 3+ Products and get 20% off!


Coachella Mat - Yoga Strong
Coachella Mat
Rhythm & Blues Mat
Sunset Blvd Mat - Yoga Strong
Sunset Blvd Mat
Valley Girl Mat - Yoga Strong
Valley Girl Mat
Tyed Up In Knots Mat
Big Dipper Mat - Yoga Strong
Big Dipper Mat
Daisy Duke Mat - Yoga Strong
Daisy Duke Mat
Pretty Skin-ny Mat - Yoga Strong
Pretty Skin-ny Mat
Hot Spot Mat - Yoga Strong
Hot Spot Mat
C'est La Pink Mat - Yoga Strong
C'est La Pink Mat
Lit AF Mat - Yoga Strong
Lit AF Mat


Valley Girl Towel - Yoga Strong
Valley Girl Towel
Rhythm & Blues Towel - Yoga Strong
Rhythm & Blues Towel
Not Your Mother's Marble Towel - Yoga Strong
Your Mother's Mar...
Coachella Towel - Yoga Strong
Coachella Towel
Sunset Blvd Towel - Yoga Strong
Sunset Blvd Towel
Big Dipper, Little Dipper Towel - Yoga Strong
Big Dipper Towel
Two Hands on Ace of Spades Yoga Mat
Ace of Spades Towel
Daisy Duke Towel - Yoga Strong
Daisy Duke Towel
Tyed Up In Knots Towel - Yoga Strong
Tyed Up In Knots ...
Pretty Skin-ny Towel - Yoga Strong
Pretty Skin-ny Towel
Ziggy Zaggy Towel - Yoga Strong
Ziggy Zaggy Towel
Stripe Tease Towel - Yoga Strong
Stripe Tease Towel
You're Making Me Blush Towel - Yoga Strong
You're Making Me ...
Hot Spot Towel - Yoga Strong
Hot Spot Towel
Lit AF Towel - Yoga Strong
Lit AF Towel
You're Just My Stripe Towel - Yoga Strong
You're Just My St...
Now You See Me... Towel - Yoga Strong
Now You See Me......
Red, White and You Towel - Yoga Strong
Red, White and Yo...
C'est La Pink Towel - Yoga Strong
C'est La Pink Towel
Rain Drops, Drop Tops Towel - Yoga Strong
Rain Drops, Drop ...


Cyclone Roller - Yoga Strong
Cyclone Roller
Tilt-A-Whirl Roller - Yoga Strong
Tilt-A-Whirl Roller
Mini Workout Bands - Yoga Strong
Mini Workout Bands
Core Sliders - Yoga Strong
Core Sliders
The Strap, Black
The Strap, Ivory - Yoga Strong
The Strap, Ivory
Vibe Strong - Yoga Strong
Vibe Strong


Palawan Slide - Yoga Strong
Palawan Slide
Palawan Slide - Yoga Strong
Palawan Slide

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Yoga Strong mats combine Composite Technology & Hydrogrip Performance to create a non-slip yoga mat with ideal traction, cushion, and support.
Yoga Strong partners with fashion designers in LA so you can look and feel your best.
You will not find better gear for a better price. Guaranteed.

See why we have over 500 5-star reviews

Taylor J.

“This mat is super cute, fun, and most importantly, durable.”

Kelli P.

“The top layer of this mat is like heaven.”

Sarah J.

“Not only gorgeous but super supportive as well.”

Lauren K.

“I love this mat!! It’s very cushy and easy on the joints.”