About Yoga Strong

Mission Statement

Yoga Strong aims to help you celebrate your fitness routine with happiness and love.

Message From The Founder

It was my senior year of high school  when I tore my ACL the first time. As a basketball player, this initial injury and my persistence in the sport only led to more injuries and five more knee surgeries over the subsequent years. That’s when I found yoga.
I don’t have to tell you the awkwardness of a 6’5”, 23 year-old basketball player in a yoga studio in 2010, and it took me awhile to find my flow. For someone of my size with very sensitive knees, many of the mat options were dull, too flimsy, or simply not my style. There was a need for thicker, more functional yoga mats that exuded flair and personality. 
In 2019, after being fortunate enough to endure through the injuries long enough to play professional basketball overseas for 7 years, Yoga Strong was born - conceived to fill a niche of stylish fitness accessories for a contemporary lifestyle. 
Yoga Strong is very personal to me, and that's what I want Yoga Strong to be for you - Unique, Special, & Authentic. 
We are a 100% self-funded venture, with patterns created and trademarked by fashion designers in Los Angeles.
Please stay tuned for new products and see you on the mat!
- Jason