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Yoga Strong Fights For Eco Friendly Sustainability

Yoga Strong's mission is rooted in happiness. Our ethos and culture is built around delivering happiness to our customer. Through fitness, color, design, quality, and effort, we realize that being happy is the greatest form of achievement. 

As a company, our happiness is derived from an equally as important mission - Sustainability. Through our journey, we have been inspired by our collective responsibility to ensure a sustainable future for all. This responsibility embodies our design approach to reducing environmental footprint and consumption. Here are 3 ways Yoga Strong is utilizing principles of sustainability to help save Mother Earth 

1) 100% Natural Tree Rubber 

Our signature Yoga Strong Mat is manufactured with 100% natural tree rubber, which is an eco-friendly material compared to other yoga mats. Many other yoga mats contain synthetic rubber, which is less durable than  natural rubber, and is not eco-friendly and just ends up in our oceans and landfill in their whole parts.

Because our natural rubber is organic and plant-based, it is biodegradable and a renewable resource. Additionally being non-toxic with no heavy metals, these properties can help towards maintaining the carbon balance in our atmosphere and break down to its basic elements without causing any environmental damage.

2) Eco Initiative

We launched the Eco Initiative in 2020 to help support a healthier global footprint.

It’s simple - Anyone can send us their old yoga mat, and we professionally clean and donate it to charity for a discount. 

This not only supports reusability and reduction, but also allows those that want to try a new yoga mat to freshen up their style, all while continuing to support us in maintaining a sustainable future.

The Eco Initiative gives life beyond our sweat. Our sustainability efforts don't stop at the manufacturing process. We are constantly evolving to ensure we are doing our part for the environment. 

3) Community Building

As an LA-based company, we are often inspired by our surroundings, and most specifically, the beach. Through partnerships with various non-profit organizations, we aim to assist with cleaning up our LA beaches to keep coastal waters safe and healthy for people and marine life. Our goal is to directly improve the condition of our LA beaches and Pacific Ocean thru a hands-on approach of eliminating waste, debris, and other non-biodegradable materials that end up in our beaches and oceans.


Sustainability is part of our Yoga Strong story. We respect Mother Earth and value her ground that we practice on. 

So pull out your Yoga Strong mat, and let's all join in helping institute positive impact on our environment.