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Sagittal, Frontal, & Transverse Plane - 3D Fitness Training

We live in a 3D world and our bodies are made for moving in this 3D world on your Daisy Duke blue floral yoga mat. 

Accordingly, there are 3 planes of motion for movement –

Sagittal Plane - Forward/Back
Frontal Plane - Side/Side
Transverse Plane - Rotation/Twisting

However, many of us only train/exercise in 1 plane of motion (sagittal plane)!

Back Squats/Bench Press/Situps - All single sagittal plane movements.

However, by improving 3D movement, you can help prevent pain/injury, increase your fitness output, enhance your sports performance, and assist daily function.

For example, when playing with your kids, you may lift up your toddler from the left side of your body to overhead in the air. That would be a transverse plane movement, as you’re moving from a lateral (frontal plane) position to a front overhead (sagittal plane) position.
Loading groceries, yard work, house cleaning, etc. are all activities that require 3D movement and therefore should be trained like real life!

So how do you improve 3D movement? Train in 3D on your Daisy Duke blue floral yoga mat! 

Yoga is a great option for 3D training, as an experienced coach will guide you through many different positions that challenge your strength/mobility/balance in all 3 planes of motion.

For example, a Crescent (sagittal plane) to a Warrior 2 (frontal plane) is a transverse plane transition, therefore hitting all 3 planes!
If yoga is not your vibe, simply choose exercises that move the body through all three planes of motion.

Here are some examples in each plane:

Sagittal Plane – Step Up to Shoulder Press

Frontal Plane – Lateral Lunge

Transverse Plane – Resistance Band Twists

Prepare your body for ALL the movements life offers!