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Nutrition for Full Body Wellness

Taking care of your body goes far beyond just moving on your Lit AF red & white yoga mat! It’s also about WHAT you put into your body.

It’s common to focus on exercise as a primary driver of whole body wellness, and expecting it to make drastic changes to your health almost instantaneously. However, when we ignore supplemental factors, such as eating donuts for breakfast after a strenuous workout, it can be difficult to achieve your health goals.

We receive daily questions from people in which they move and exercise daily, but chronically eat/drink artificial food/beverages and wonder why they are chronically in pain. Exercise and movement is only a part of a full wellness routine. Until the system is fed optimal nutrients, your body most likely won’t function optimally. Movement on your Lit AF red & white yoga mat is critical, but so is authentic fuel.

Instead, ask yourself 1 question about what you are ingesting into your body - Is it real?

Real is the name of the game. Real ingredients. Real food.

While fueling the body and mind for optimal performance can be tedious, and require effort, planning, and consistency, the rewards can be invaluable.

Let me be clear though, this is not about adhering to a restricted diet – Keto, Paleo, South Beach, etc.

This is about supporting your mind, body, and spirit to functioning at the highest level.

One of our core values is “Invest In Joy,” and taking care of your body from the inside AND the outside will help you unlock higher levels of happiness and health.