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Why We Love Our Tie Dye Yoga Strong Mat

Whether you think tie-dye is totally cool or totally gross, the retro, tubular print is back in a huge way. Since being featured on fashion runways in 2019 and 2020, tie dye has become a hot trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. And neither is our Tyed Up In Knots tie dye yoga mat 

Here are 3 reasons why you love tie dye, and we love our Tyed Up In Knots tie dye yoga mat. 

1) DIY Trends - Tie Dye has exploded in recent months due to people's ability to create tie dye from home. This has caused tie dye to reach masses on social media via celebrities, influencers, and everyday people. If we’re wearing the same thing that we all see on social media, we’re all part of the same accord. We have a sense of belonging. Tie dye allows us to be in the same community, while still maintaining our own personal uniqueness. So if you want to be cool, you need a Tyed Up In Knots tie dye yoga mat. 

2) Individual Style -  Tie dye gives you the opportunity to express yourself through colors. Tie dye feels happy and is often bright with different color hues, evoking a sense of joy, inspiration, and can give you mood boosting benefits. Show your unique self with the Tyed Up In Knots tie dye yoga mat and matching Tyed Up In Knots yoga towel. 

3) Nostalgia -  We all strive for comfort from our previous experiences, whether that be from food, fashion, or family. It makes us feel secure and can be a source of inspiration for the future. Nostalgia can make you feel more connected to your heritage, your culture, or your location. Tie dye's origins from the 60s, to then re-invigorated in the 80s, and now in 2021 illustrates that what's old is new...again.