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12 Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Core | Tone Your Abs

Yoga can reap a wide range of benefits. It can improve your balance, ease back pain, and, with the right poses, strengthen your core. 

Can Yoga Strengthen Your Core? 

Yoga is great for your core. With a strict regimen of abdominal work, you can soon see a firmer, flatter belly.

Plus, your abs do a lot of work in supporting your spine’s curvature. A strong core does a lot in aiding with the other benefits of yoga, like reducing back pain and improving posture.


If you’re looking to get those six-pack abs, you should go into your regimen knowing yoga isn’t all you need. Despite what some might say, yoga is often best used as a supplement to other exercises, depending on the type of body you want. 

Safety and Precautions

The last thing you want to do during a yoga session is injure yourself. Make sure to breathe, maintain proper spinal alignments, and go at a speed that’s comfortable for you. 

This is why so many people sign up for yoga classes. An instructor is there to spot you and tell you if there are any adjustments you need to make.

12 Yoga Poses to Enhance Your Core Strength

When you want a stronger core, there are a few poses you can start doing to stretch your abs and build your abdominal muscles.

1. Cat Cow Pose

The cat cow pose requires you to really stretch your back, but you’re also stimulating your abs, hips, and chest. Overall, it’s a solid pose to boost flexibility and relieve tension in those areas. 

2. Dolphin Plank Pose

The dolphin plank pose is essential for anyone who sits at a computer for eight hours a day. It strengthens your core while also enhancing the strength of your legs and thighs.

3. Side Plank Pose

In order to perform the side plank pose successfully, you have to stabilize three muscle groups at once: your hips, shoulders, and the sides of your core.

4. Warrior III Pose

The warrior III pose is all about balance. To maintain proper form, you need to engage with your lower abdominals to remain lifted. 

5. Chair Pose

A traditional transitional pose, the chair pose stimulates your abdominal organs as well as your diaphragm. It’s also great for your metabolic and circulatory systems due to the boost in heart rate it provides.

6. Boat Pose

The boat pose forces you to open your chest. In doing so, you engage with the muscles in your core while also giving your abductor muscles and hip flexors a workout.

7. Victorious Warrior Pose

When you’ve been feeling sluggish, you should opt for the victorious warrior pose. It emphasizes deep breathing through deep stretching through the neck, shoulders, arms, and all the way down to your stomach.

8. Crow Pose

This is a full-body position that works out your arm and core muscles. In fact, you really need to engage your core to get the optimum benefits and lift your body up to its fullest potential.

9. Chair Pose With Twist

Your mid- and lower back muscles get put through the wringer with this pose. It’s also great for strengthening internal organs, particularly the digestive organs and kidneys, for greater all-around health.

10. Dog Down Splits

With this pose, you must aim both hip points in the same direction. This improves hip flexibility and boosts those core muscles.

11. High Lunge

Many people engage with the high lunge pose to boost their stability. It strengthens muscles in the core, arms, glutes, and legs so that you can stand up straight and proud.

12. Eagle Pose

The eagle pose encourages total balance. You maintain equilibrium across both sides of your body across the legs. 

13. Half Moon Pose

The half moon pose truly demands total control over both legs. It teaches coordination and helps you to retain greater focus.

14. Revolving Side Angle Pose

The revolving side angle pose specifically massages the organs near your abdominal area. As such, it helps immensely with digestion and relieving constipation

15. Reed Pose

In the reed pose, you release all the tension from your shoulders. Not only that, but it opens up the rib cage to make it easier to breathe. This makes the reed pose one of the best rib stretches for improving posture. 

Strengthen Your Core With Yoga Today

Yoga can make you feel so much better in your day-to-day life. If you think you could use some improvement around your core, try these poses to see what benefits you can reap.


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