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Yoga Strong | #1 Guide For Yoga Articles

  • 15 Bicep Stretches to Build Your Upper Arm Strength

    If you’re a weightlifter, or order a lot of packages from Amazon, chances are you use your bicep muscles a lot. As one of the 2 main muscle groups in your upper arm, bicep stretches are helpful to stay flexible so that you are able to maintain strength in your upper arm, as well as build your upper arm strength. 
  • 10 Couples Yoga Poses to Build Intimacy & Trust

    It’s impossible to not know about yoga. Everyone can engage in this meditative form of exercise that helps establish a better mind/body connection. Yoga dates back to about 400 BCE, when it was traditionally transmitted on a one-to-one basis.
  • Here’s How to Meditate With Your Eyes Open & Benefits

    Guided meditation, transcendental meditation, and other popular forms suggest that it’s best to close your eyes during the practice. Why is this the consensus? Is it impossible to be in touch with your thoughts and emotions in a non-judgemental way if your eyes are open? This article details whether or not you can reach a zen-like state if you have your eyes open while you practice meditation


  • 4 Person Yoga Poses: Try These Fun Group Acro Poses!

    Exercising with friends can make dreaded workouts more fun. However, if group classes aren’t getting you motivated, 4 person yoga poses are a fun way to interact and get your workout in!
  • 9 Yoga Poses to Balance Your Root Chakra | Muladhara

    The chakras are the seven wheels of energy that move through the subtle body, beginning at the crown of the head and traveling down the base of the spine. When the chakras are properly aligned, energy can properly flow through the body. In order to grow and develop, you have to first build a solid foundation and balance the energy in your root chakra. 
  • 7 Triceps Stretches to Loosen Your Arms | Benefits & More

    It can feel really good to loosen up your arms and shoulders, so it only makes sense to include tricep stretches as part of your routine. 

  • 15 Exercises to Stretch and Build Your Lats | Strengthen Your Back

    Feeling tight in your back and shoulders may have more to do with your lats than you realize. This is why lats stretches are so important to building and mobilizing your back
  • How Long Should You Hold a Stretch? Time Your Routine

    We all can agree that we need to stretch more, but many of us have probably wondered how long you should hold a stretch for.
  • Yoga Mat vs. Yoga Rug: Which is Better to Buy?

    The yoga mat vs. yoga rug debate is one that has been argued endlessly. There is often confusion about which is better to buy, the yoga mat or the yoga rug. 
  • Yoga Mat vs. Exercise Mat: Is There a Difference?

    You may be thinking that there is no difference between a yoga mat and exercise mat, but the truth is, they have very different functions and intentions.
  • The Difference Between a Yoga Mat and Pilates Mat

    A pilates mat is a mat designed to support your body when performing floor-based exercise. Since the main focus of pilates is body weight resisted movement to build core strength, a pilates mat is intended to cushion the spine, knees, and wrists.
  • Could Tight Hamstrings Be Causing Your Knee Pain?

    If you feel knee pain, tight hamstrings could be the culprit. There is a close relationship between these two parts of the body. The hamstrings help support the knee, so these muscles play a key role in protecting your knees from injury.