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Benefits of Foam Rolling

What are those Yoga Strong Rollers for? For those that are unsure of what the Yoga Strong Roller is, or how to use it, a foam roller is a great tool to aid in your workout recovery, injury prevention, and/or injury maintenance. If you want to ease any muscular pain or soreness, a Yoga Strong Roller could be your new best friend!

To use properly, slowly glide the roller down any stiff/tight muscles (Calves, Quads, Mid-Back, Butt) to help release any tightness in the fascia and muscles. The gentle pressure will help increase fluid flow to muscle groups that have experienced stagnancy. 

Recent literature has shown the importance of increasing fluid flow (blood, lymph, water) to allow for energy efficient movement, especially AFTER exercises like running, sports, spinning, weightlifting. 

When rolling, slow and control is paramount. Make sure you are hitting the entire muscle group, and follow up with longer holds over any "hot spots" that are tender.

If there are "hot spots" that are too tender, try to decrease the pressure by lightly pulling your body weight away from the roller, or try to roll the surrounding areas.

Think of foam rolling as an efficient way to self-massage your body, assisting you in reducing tension, alleviating stiffness, and helping you feel better overall.

8 Key Benefits to Foam Rolling with your Yoga Strong Roller

  1. Improves range of motion and overall flexibility
  2. Helps prevent injuries
  3. Assists with injury maintenance
  4. May reduce stress
  5. Decreases muscle soreness
  6. Improves overall body functioning
  7. Promotes blood and oxygen circulation 
  8. Strengthens and supports muscles to prevent and heal from an injury
  9. Wake up feeling less sluggish
  10. Can enhance athletic performance