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Best Outdoor Yoga Mats | 6 Yoga Mats to Stretch Outside With

While 99% of people practice yoga in a studio or at-home, performing yoga in the outdoors can be a great way to switch things up. But, there is one caveat: you need a suitable outdoor yoga mat. A strong and durable yoga mat can be the difference between a mediocre session and a great session.

Why? Outdoor changes in temperature and ground surface can hurt your ability to gain traction, find balance, and practice comfortably. That said, here are six yoga mats you can take with you next time you go out. 

Do You Need a Yoga Mat Outdoors?

Having a suitable yoga mat for your environment can be very helpful to get the most out of your practice. Outdoor yoga mats are made to be more durable and resistant to wear and tear from tough surfaces like concrete or sand. They also protect against exposure to sunlight and moisture. 

When you're practicing outside, you want to be connect with the Earth without worrying about the outdoor elements. Outdoor yoga mats are specifically designed so that you can eliminate any distractions and focus solely on your session outside. 

What to Look for in an Outdoor Yoga Mat

Yoga mats built for the outdoors have a few key characteristics that differentiate themselves from regular yoga mats. When looking for an outdoor yoga mat, there are a few key characteristics you should keep in mind:

  • Durability: A yoga made with durable materials, such as tree rubber can help withstand outdoor elements such as sun, rain, wind, and dust.
  • Traction: A yoga mat with a non-slip surface can provide better traction and stability on uneven outdoor surfaces like grass or sand. You'll want anti-slip traction similar to that of yoga mats designed for sweaty hands.
  • Cushion: Outdoor surfaces such as concrete can be harsher on your joints than indoor surfaces. A mat with extra padding can help you prevent stiff knees and elbows.
  • Easy to Clean: Being outdoors can cause your mat to accumulate dirt, dust,  and moisture more easily. Good yoga mats use material that makes it easy to be washed and dried. 

While these four characteristics stand out the most when looking for an outdoor yoga mat, also consider your personal preferences on traits such as eco-friendliness, portability, and length.

You should also look into the design of the yoga mat. A great design can go a long way and is a lot more fun to look at than your regular gym mat. Ultimately, choosing the best outdoor yoga mat comes down to what you prioritize most as an individual.

Best Outdoor Yoga Mats

Now that we've covered the basics, let's get into the good stuff and take a look at six of the best yoga mats for the outdoors. 

6. Best Overall: The Sunset Blvd Yoga Mat

sunset blvd yoga mat

The Sunset Blvd Yoga Strong Mat is the best overall yoga mat for the outdoors because it has a combination of features that are hard to find with other options. 

The mat itself is thick, durable, and made with two times more cushion for optimal joint support. The Sunset Blvd Yoga Strong Mat also is four inches longer than your standard yoga or exercise mat, allowing you to practice longer poses. 

If you're practicing your yoga poses in the heat, don't worry about the sweat. The mat can evaporate sweat 3X faster, making it an easy clean whenever you go home. 

5. Best for Grass: Valley Girl Yoga Mat

pastel yoga mat

Grass can be wet and uneven, which can make it uncomfortable to practice yoga on. Dirt, twigs, and pebbles can accumulate on your mat and the slippery surface can cause trouble when trying to hold a pose.

A good yoga mat for practicing yon grass is the Yoga Strong Valley Girl Yoga Mat. The 100% recycled tree rubber is designed to have a firm and stable base, as well as Hydrogrip Performance technology that helps repel moisture. This makes the Valley Girl Yoga Mat a great option for practicing 1 or 2 person yoga on grass comfortably and safely.   

4. Best for Concrete: Mother’s Marble Yoga Mat

black yoga mat

Concrete can pose many challenges for outdoor yoga. The surface can be very hard and unforgiving, especially for people who suffer from arthritis and tendonitis. If you have a thin mat that is 1mm-3mm, there may not be enough joint support for your feet, hands, knees, and hips.

The Yoga Strong Mother’s Marble Yoga Mat is 5mm, which is up to 2x as thick as standard yoga mats. Because of this thickness, the Mothers’ Marble Yoga Strong Mat has premium cushioning to support your joints and muscles. Indirectly, this helps you maintain your balance and stability throughout your session.

3. Best for the Beach: Coachella Yoga Mat

floral pink yoga mat

Although the beach is one of the most underrated locations to practice yoga, the sand can make it uneasy in more active, vinyasa-style practices. If your pose include lots of standing poses and balancing poses, then you're going to need a yoga mat built to handle the surface. 

The Yoga Strong Coachella Yoga Mat works very well during beach yoga because of its textured surface. The Coachella Yoga Mat is built with a microfiber suede top layer that is sand-resistant; in fact, when using the mat on the beach, the sand slides right off the mat, so you can practice yoga on the beach without worrying about the unpredictability of the sand or the coarseness of the sand being uncomfortable. 

2. Most Eco-Friendly: Pretty Skin-ny Yoga Mat


If you enjoy the outdoors, protecting the environment is important. Many yoga mats are made from PVC, which is a highly toxic and non-biodegradable material.

The Pretty Skin-ny Yoga Mat from Yoga Strong is manufactured with 100% recycled tree rubber, a renewable and sustainable resource. Unlike synthetic materials, natural rubber is eco-friendly, biodegradable and does not emit harmful chemicals when it breaks down.

In addition, the durability of tree rubber can withstand any potential environmental hazards that come from outdoor yoga. By choosing the Pretty Skin-ny Yoga Mat, you can practice yoga outdoors while also being mindful of the environment.

1. Customer Favorite: Ace of Spades Yoga Mat

purple yoga mat

The Ace of Spades yoga mat from Yoga Strong is a customer favorite mat for outdoor yoga due to several exclusive characteristics. By being one of the only yoga mats using Composite Technology and HydroGrip Performance, its non-slip surface and extra strength support outdoors help you practice outdoor yoga with confidence, comfort, and style.

Final Thoughts

Practicing yoga in the outdoors is significantly different than practicing yoga at a studio. You need to be well-equipped going into your environment and a proper outdoor yoga mat is your biggest priority.

No matter what type of place you'll be practicing yoga at, there are six mats here than can suit your needs. Try one out and let us know what you think in the comments!