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The 11 Best BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses For Building Yoga Friendship

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 Yoga is a great way to relax and stretch your body, but you don't have to do it alone. Doing yoga with your best friend can provide a slew of health benefits that solo yoga can't match.

Yoga poses with a partner can bring the two of you closer together. Therefore, we're going to share our favorite BFF 2 person yoga poses that you can try today. 

What Is BFF 2-Person Yoga?

BFF two person yoga is yoga that you do with something that you already share a relationship with. Yoga poses with your bestie, sibling, or partner can create a deeper connection, allowing you the chance to come closer together.

The beautiful thing about 2 person yoga is that it doesn’t matter if one of you is more flexible than the other. Yoga poses that involve two people help establish a deeper mental connection, in addition to deeper trust with the person you practice with.

Your yoga poses will undoubtedly improve, given the fact you’ll have additional support and balance. Plus, your BFF is great motivation to keep you practicing the poses. Below, you’ll find the 11 best 2 person yoga poses.

11. Back-To-Back Meditation Pose

This is a great place to begin your 2-person yoga journey. As you sit back-to-back on the floor, you’ll have a chance to develop a deeper connection without even looking at your BFF.

How to Do the Back-to-Back Meditation Pose With Your BFF: 

Sit back-to-back with your bestie, crossing your legs or putting the soles of your feet on the floor. If you have tight hips, prop yourself up on a blanket. Make sure your backs are touching and that you’re sitting up straight. Breathe together for a few moments and notice how you’re both breathing.

Sync up your breathing, inhaling for three seconds and exhaling for three seconds. Continue like this for five rounds of breathing. 

10. Boat Yoga Pose

Individual boat pose helps to stabilize your core muscles and increase balance. The cool thing about 2-person boat pose is that it helps improve posture, core strength, and alignment of your limbs.

How to Do Boat Yoga Pose With Your BFF

Sit down on the ground opposite your partner toe-to-toe, clasp your hands together, and keep your arms straight. Adjust your distance if your arms are bent. Press the bottoms of your feet together and raise them up to form a V with your spine.

Keep your spine straight and your core tight, looking at your bestie the entire time. Hold for five deep breaths. 

9. Double Plank Pose

This pose is all about lifting up your BFF, both physically and spiritually. Test your upper body and core strength with this Instagram-worthy double plank. Decide which one of you will be on the bottom and which one will be on top.

How to Do Double Plank Pose With Your BFF

Come into a high plank position, stacking your shoulders directly over your wrists. Engage your core as your BFF comes into a plank on top of you.

They will place their hands on your achilles and stack their feet on top your shoulders. Be very careful in this pose and make sure to communicate to avoid injury. Lastly, make sure that your core, buttocks, and chest muscles are fully engaged. Hold for three to five breaths.

8. Partner Twist

Also known as a detox pose, partner twist aids with the release of any toxins you might be harboring. It’s an excellent pose to do with a partner, as it makes you feel rejuvenated and fresh. This is also a great stretch to do with your partner before exercising.

Similar to back-to-back meditation pose, start sitting down comfortably with your backs touching. Bend your right leg, cross it over your left thigh, and plant your foot on the ground. Bend your left leg towards your right buttocks.

Your partner should do the opposite. Twist to your right and cross your left arm over your right thigh, your partner twisting left so you can meet in the middle. Hold for five deep breaths and then return to center before switching to repeat on the other side.

7. Partner Tree Pose

Challenging your balance is better with a friend, right? Yes, is the answer in case you were wondering! Increase your focus and create more awareness in the moment with the support of your partner.

How to Do Partner Tree Pose With Your BFF 

Stand side by side with your BFF and put your arms around each other’s shoulders or waist, depending on your height relation. Ground your foot through the inside of the leg closest to your partner.

Bend your outside leg and place the sole of your foot on your inner thigh or calf, turning your knee out to the side in the process. Bring your free hands together in the center or lift them overhead. Breathe deeply for five breaths, release and then switch to repeat on the other leg. 

6. Double Downward Dog

One of the best things about downward dog, besides being able to do it with a partner, is that it hits you in all the right places. Don’t be fooled, though, doing downward dog with a partner does require a bit more strength than the traditional solo pose.

How to Do Double Downward Dog With Your Partner

To do this yoga pose with a partner, start in traditional downward dog position. Make sure you are completely solid and comfortable in this position. Have your partner stand a few feet in front of you and fold forward until their hands are on the floor. Your partner can then carefully place their feet onto your lower back and lift into downward dog, engaging their shoulder muscles throughout. Hold for five deep breaths and then switch positions. 

5. Partner Dancer Pose

Yet another tricky balance pose, partner dancer tests your coordination while opening up your hip flexors. 2-person dancer pose requires less strength, but it emphasizes support and teaches you to perfect the form.

How to Do Partner Dancer Pose With Your Friend

Start by facing your partner and keep enough space between each other so that you can both lean forward (about four feet). Bend your right knee as you reach back with your right hand to grab your right ankle. Slowly lean forward and arch your back gently, raising into elegant dancer pose. You can reach up to touch your hands palm-to-palm or grab each other’s shoulders for more support. Hold for five deep breaths and then repeat on the other side.

4. Partner Bound Angle Pose

This is a relatively easy 2-person yoga pose that goes great at the beginning or end of your yoga session. The primary purpose of this pose is to increase flexibility in the lower back and hamstrings.

How to Do Partner Bound Angle Pose With a Friend

You have to start sitting back-to-back with one of you sitting with bent legs and the soles of your feet on the ground. The other will straddle legs out and prepare to lean forward. The person sitting with bent legs will lean back against the other person as they reach forward to deepen the stretch. Communicate so that you don’t overstretch. Hold for five to 10 breaths and then switch. 

3. Cow Face Pose

Got tight hips? Open them up and help release tension in cow face pose. Unlike the other positions, cow face pose doesn’t involve stacking or support from your partner.

How to Do Cow Face Pose With Your Best Friend

Simply sit next to each other and embrace better posture. Sit on a chair and ground both of your feet. Lift your right arm up towards the ceiling and bend at the elbow to bring your hand between your shoulder blades.

Bring your left arm by your left side, bend at the elbow, and reach your left hand towards your right hand between your shoulder blades. Try to clasp your hands, but do not force yourself to experience discomfort. Hold for 20-30 seconds before switching sides. 

2. Bridge And Supported Shoulder Stand

This yoga pose is unique in that each person will be doing a different pose. It’s all about coordination and support, meaning communication with each other is paramount. This is also a great stepping stone for anyone who is looking to advance to full inversion supported shoulder stand.

How to Do Bridge and Supported Stand With BFF

Partner one will begin preparation for a bridge, hands reaching towards the heels. Engage the glutes and core to press up into bridge position. Partner two will also take bridge pose, but place the shins outside of partner one’s shins.

Partner two must extend hands to take hold of partner one’s hands. Partner two presses triceps into the floor, lifting the hips up enough to place the soles of the feet on top of partner one’s thighs, just above the knees. Partner two must then press up into supported shoulder stand. Hold the pose for 10 seconds and then switch positions. 

1. Partner Warrior III

Warrior III may be the most challenging pose on this entire list. Doing it with a partner, however, can make it a lot easier, as you have an extra support and balance system that you don’t get on your own.

How to Do Partner Warrior III With Your BFF

To start, stand facing in opposite directions and step into Warrior II position, keeping your front leg bent and back leg straight. You should both be side bye side facing opposite directions, with your back leg by the other person’s front leg and vice versa.

When you are both ready, lift your back legs off the ground simultaneously, reaching for your partner’s ankle with one hand. Reach your other arm back to join your partner’s hand in the center of the two of you.

Hold this pose for five deep breaths before returning to center and then repeating on the other leg. 

Do Yoga With Your Best Friend Today

There you have it: our favorite BFF 2 person yoga poses. Each pose is great at building that connection with your partner. If you want to get another person involved, there are similar three person yoga poses you can try out.

Heck, if you have a whole group, you can try four person yoga if you really want to!

If that's not quite your speed, then we recommend sticking with the partner poses. You can end with some meditation or use these poses as a way to warmup for your exercise. 

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