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8 Partner Stretches to Do Today For Better Flexibility

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Stretching by yourself limits you to only the stretches that you can do. When you stretch with a partner, you can do a wider range of movements. This can increase your flexibility.

There are plenty of benefits that come with partner stretches, including a deeper connection with the person who's helping you. So, grab your friend or a significant other and get started today!

Benefits of Stretching With a Partner

There are many reasons why you should consider bringing someone into your fitness routine. For starters, it makes the whole experience more fun. If you thought yoga felt good before, just wait until you have someone there watching your back. 

Not only that, but a partner allows you to access a greater variety of stretches. You may even notice greater alignment and balance in the process. 

It's similar to doing two person yoga poses with your BFF. Two person yoga poses switch up the movements in the pose since you're now doing them with someone else.

Partner yoga also enhances communication with your partner. It’s a great activity for couples who want a greater level of intimacy. You’ll get closer to one another both physically and emotionally. 

That’s not even getting into all of the advantages that come with stretching in general. It’s a vital activity, especially if you plan on exercising more vigorously in a little bit. Your muscles will be more limber, vastly reducing your chances of sustaining injury.

Just try practicing some yoga poses before your workout with your partner. The difference is astronomical.

How to Stretch With a Partner

There are numerous yoga poses for two people. When performing any of them, the key is communication. You want to let your partner know if you’re in pain or feel uncomfortable in any of them so that you can take a step back and readjust. 

Additionally, you want to make sure you give yourself enough space to perform each one if you’re going to do them at the gym. You don’t want to feel stacked on top of other people. 

8. Hamstring Stretch

A hamstring stretch will give you a workout on par with a pilates routine. Just have your partner hold onto your back and then grab onto the left knee. Lift the knee up and press the left foot toward the left glute. They’ll hold onto your back to ensure you don’t lift off the ground. 

7. Chest Stretch

While your arms are parallel to the ground, have your partner gently pull them back. Go back until you feel tension and have your partner hold. 

6. Quad Stretch

As you lie on your stomach on your Yoga Strong Mat, have your partner hold your ankle to gently bend your leg toward your buttock. You should feel a stretch in your thigh. 

5. Calf Stretch

As you lie on your back, have your partner bring your knee up to where it’s perpendicular with the rest of your body. 

4. Waist Stretch

Stand facing one another and hold hands. Gradually walk away from each other and turn so that you’re now side-by-side. One of your arms should go over your head but remain above the ears. Pull even further away so that you feel tension on your waist and hold. 

3. Arm and Shoulder Stretch

Begin by standing in front of your partner. From there, link your hands behind your back. Your partner needs to raise your arms as high as they will go without you bending forward.

For this stretch to be effective, your chest needs to remain open. You should hold this position for at least 10 seconds before raising the arms even higher. 

2. Seated Inner Thigh Stretch

For this stretch, you sit on the floor facing your partner. Both of you stretch your legs as wide as possible and hold hands. 

Your partner then pulls your hands forward bringing your upper body downward and forward. From there, you should feel your inner thighs opening up. 

1. Wall Stretch

You’ll need to have your back against a wall for this one. Your partner will grab your leg and move it as high as possible while you remain comfortable. This stretch is mostly done by dancers who are particularly limber already.

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