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12 Fun Yoga Poses for Two People | Try With a Partner Today!

 Yoga by yourself can be great, but when you do yoga with a partner, it can be even better. Yoga with a partner is a beautiful way to bring two people together. You can learn things like trust and accountability through simple exercises.

That said, we've compiled 12 great yoga poses for two people to do. Whether you're doing yoga with a partner or a friend, these new poses will be a great way to connect with someone while also getting a workout in!

Beginner Yoga Poses for Two People 

We’re going to split our different yoga poses for two people into three different categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Beginner poses are poses that almost anyone can do.

Most of these poses are great for both your regular session and if you just want to warmup beforehand. All you’ll need is a mat and partner. 

1. Twin Trees

twin trees pose

Credit: OldnWise

You will balance on your right foot and your partner will balance on their left foot. Place the other foot on the inside of your standing leg thigh. Pressing the foot into the leg and rooting your standing foot into the ground.  Reach both arms up. Your right palm and their left palm meet at the top.

2. Standing Forward Fold

standing forward fold

Credit: Yoga Rove

Standing heels to heels, you and your partner will forward fold bending at the waist. Let your heads drop and reach for each other’s hands to pull you deeper into the fold. Bend your knees for more accessibility. 

3. Seated Cat-Cow

seated cat cow pose

Sitting cross legged facing each other. You and your partner will grab hands. You will pull your partner closer to you to extend your spine into cow pose as they round their spine into cow pose. You will alternate pulling each other to move through seated cat/cow together. 

4. Seated Twist

seated twist pose

Credit: Seated Twist Pose

Sitting cross legged with your backs to each other. You and your partner will twist in opposite directions. Keep your spine tall as you twist to the right and they twist to the left. You can grab arms to pull each other deeper into the twist. Do both sides.

Intermediate Yoga Poses for Two People

Intermediate yoga poses for two people require more experience. These poses will typically need at least a few months of yoga experience to get down. 

The following poses demand more communication and balance. Therefore, we recommend that you do these stretches with a partner that you trust.

5. Double Plank 

double plank pose

Set yourself up into a plank position with your hands underneath your shoulders and your feet stepped back so legs are long and engaged. While you are in your plank, you partner will place their hands and grab onto the back of your ankles. With your cores engaged, your partner will then place their feet on your shoulder blades landing them in a plank. Hold for 30 sec. Switch if desired.

6. Boat Pose

boat pose

Credit: Journeys of Yoga

You and your partner will sit on your butts and face each other. Resting on your sit bones, start to lift the legs so your shins are parallel to the ground. Sit tall into the spine and chest and reach your arms forward. If possible, grab hands with your partner. 

7. Square Pose



Start in a modified plank position with your partner. The bottom partner then sits up while raising their arms above their head. Meanwhile, the partner on top will then simultaneously bend at the hips to create the square pose as shown.

8. Front-Plank

front plank pose


Start with the base person lying flat on his back on the mat. Then, have the base person raise their legs in the air. The partner, who we'll call the secondary, will stand in front of the base person's raised legs.

The base person will then rest their legs around the secondary person's groin area. Afterwards, the base and secondary will lock hands, extend, and keep them locked.

Once done, the secondary person will shift their weight into the base partner and the base partner will slowly begin to lift the secondary person into the air. 

It's extremely important that the secondary person keeps their legs straight behind them. Otherwise, they'll be off balance. Once the base partner has lifted the secondary into the air, slowly extend your legs until they're fully straight.

Advanced Yoga Poses for Two People

Advanced yoga poses for two people are much more difficult. These poses are demanding and require perfect balance, communication, and movement with your partner. 

You should do these yoga poses with a bff or close partner. After all, these are more couples yoga poses than anything. They require a good amount of synergy between the two practicing the pose. 

9. Warrior 3


Stand facing each other about arms distance apart. Grab hands and start to lean both of your chests forward. As you do, kick you right legs back behind you into Warrior 3. Find a long spine and an extended straight leg. Stand and reset and repeat on the other leg.

10. Flying Paschi 


Determine who is the base and who is the flyer. If you are the base, you are seated with legs extended into a forward fold.

As you maintain your seated forward fold, your partner will begin to lay thighs and belly over your back.

The partner will then extend into cobra, lifting their legs off the ground and pulling their chest forward and up. If accessible, they can grab your toes while you drape further into your stretch. Switch roles, if desired. 

11. Front Bird

front bird pose

Determine who is the base and who is the flyer. If you are the base, lie on your back and lift your legs straight up into the air.

Your partner, as the flyer, will stand right behind your hips. You will reach your arms straight up into the air and point your fingertips out to the sides. You will place your feet parallel on your partners hips and connect the pad of your foot to the hip bone of your partner.

Your partner will stand straight and reach their arms out in front. You will bend your knees to tip your partners weight over you. Once your partner is low enough, clasp hands with each other.

Start to straighten your legs and flex your feet, driving your heels into the hips of your partner to scoop them into the air. Keep your arms straight and your feet stacked over your hips.

Your partner will hold a plank shape with their hands underneath their shoulders and arms straight while their legs float and lift. Switch roles, if desired.

12. Flying Handstand Scorpion

flying handstand scorpion

Determine who is flying and who is spotting. If you are flying, you will come into a down dog while your partner stands to one side of you facing your body – the preferred side you like to kick up on in your handstand.

You will walk your feet closer to your hands to shorten your stance. If your partner is to your left, you will lift your left leg off the ground into a down dog kick.

Start to bend your right leg and rise higher to the ball of your right foot. Start to shift the weight into your hands, stacking your shoulders over your wrists and your hips over your shoulders.

As you kick your legs off the ground, your partner will grab your straight left leg into a handstand.

With your partner holding onto your left leg, you will start to bring your right heel to your butt. Extending the spine into a backbend, start to pull your head forward past your wrists like you are imagining touching your head to your foot.

Switch dominant legs, if desired. Switch roles, if desired.

The Benefits of Yoga Poses for Two People 

Yoga is an excellent activity for the mind and soul, helping to provide physical relief, increases energy and flexibility, and general body fitness. 

But, whenever you do yoga poses with a partner, you can have a much more productive and efficient workout.

Not only will yoga with someone else help build muscles and increase flexibility, but partner yoga also helps build emotional support and trust. Two person yoga poses require each partner to focus on helping the other succeed the pose.

This requires trust between both people and helps build relationships as a result. This also applies for three person yoga poses and group yoga poses.

There is a different body experience and partner yoga keeps you tuned in with yourself while also building accountability. After all, a lot of the poses require trust and cooperation.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the level of expertise, there are always some cool yoga poses for two people that you can take advantage of. We’ve covered beginner, intermediate, and advanced yoga poses, all of which are enjoyable as long as you have the right amount of experience.

So, the next time you’re out with a friend doing yoga, be sure to try out some of the yoga poses we’ve recommended for you guys.

P.S., if you have a big group and want to do yoga together, try out some of these cool four person yoga poses!

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