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Yoga Strong | #1 Guide For Yoga Articles

  • 15 Forearm Stretches to Improve Your Wrist Mobility

    As I type this, I can feel my forearms getting tight. If this sounds familiar, you probably need a daily dose of forearm stretches to counterbalance the typing, texting, and lack of self-care we give to our forearms. 
  • 19 Chest Stretches to Loosen Your Tight Muscles

    When tight upper body muscles are wearing you down, chest stretches are available to come to the rescue.
  • 20 Yoga Poses to Help You Relieve Sore Muscles

    I’m sure we all know the feeling of having such sore muscles that it hurts to walk, or even sit down comfortably. When you are in need of accelerating your recovery and to relieve the discomfort from sore muscles, yoga is a fantastic option.  
  • 15 Ab Stretches for Before & After Workouts | Build Your Core

    Even though ab muscles are often seen as vanity muscles, having both strength and flexibility in your abs will go a long way towards achieving your health and wellness goals. Here are some ab stretches you can do before or after workouts to build your core
  • 15 Bicep Stretches to Build Your Upper Arm Strength

    If you’re a weightlifter, or order a lot of packages from Amazon, chances are you use your bicep muscles a lot. As one of the 2 main muscle groups in your upper arm, bicep stretches are helpful to stay flexible so that you are able to maintain strength in your upper arm, as well as build your upper arm strength. 
  • 7 Triceps Stretches to Loosen Your Arms | Benefits & More

    It can feel really good to loosen up your arms and shoulders, so it only makes sense to include tricep stretches as part of your routine.