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What's Better? Flexibility or Mobility?

If I stand on my Sunset Blvd purple & blue abstract yoga mat and place my leg on a bar and can hold it there, that’s flexibility. If I actively hold my leg at the same height of the bar, but never placing it on the bar, that's MOBILITY. 

The concept of mobility incorporates flexibility, but not necessarily vice-versa, and that is key. Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or a casual exerciser, mobility is paramount. Flexibility isn't enough. 

The main difference in flexibility vs. mobility is known as PASSIVE range of motion versus ACTIVE range of motion.

Flexibility is the ability to PASSIVELY lengthen muscles/tissues.

Mobility is the ability to ACTIVELY lengthen muscles/tissues. More simply put, it's flexibility and strength combined.

So which would you rather own? Mobility!

Achieving high functioning mobility takes time and practice, but the benefits are outstanding. It will help make you more resilient and it give you the power to maximize your movement potential. Not only can you do more, but your routine should become easier, whether that is playing tennis, lifting weights, or playing with your kids. And that's because you feel better!

Here are 3 methods to help you increase your mobility:

  • Foam Rolling: While foam rolling may not be fun, it is one of the best techniques to increase your mobility. Use your Yoga Strong Foam Roller help you release any stiffness, soreness, or tightness in your muscles. You'll thank me later!


  • Yoga Mobility Drills: Take out your Sunset Blvd purple & blue abstract yoga mat and utilize some of the best yoga poses that target any tight areas you are feeling. If your spine is feeling tight, try the Low Lunge Twist. If your hips feel tight, try the Crescent.  These poses will move you muscles through multiple planes of motion, and allowing your body to explore its ranges. Need movement inspiration? Try out our Yoga Strong Active classes.


  • Passive Stretching: Only if you’re feeling stiff, and it’s stopping you from moving efficiently, you may benefit from passive stretching.  Some targeted stretches with your Yoga Strong Strap may help you increase circulation to those muscles that are feeling tight.