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    Think yoga is just for the ladies? There are plenty of reasons why all of the men out there should consider giving yoga a shot.
  • How to Do the Horse Pose | Yoga for Beginners

    Horse pose is a great standing pose that can be done by anyone at any skill level. Whether you’re a yoga connoisseur or a beginner, horse pose provides a wide range of benefits when done correctly. 
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    Digestion is key to a healthy body and as we grow older, this can become a problem. But, can yoga help digestion? Some sources say that yoga can help with the uncomfortable cramping, bloating, and gas that you might feel at times after a meal.
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    Not only is it a great way for these kids to cope with their emotional or mental problems, but yoga for teenagers is also perfect for helping with simple body movement. 
  • Yoga for Runners: 10 Poses to Build Mental & Physical Endurance

    Running is great for your body and mind. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only physical activity you should engage in. There are some stellar reasons why you should consider incorporating yoga into your regimen.
  • 12 Fun Yoga Poses for Two People | Try With a Partner Today!

    There are many yoga poses that you can carry out in two that range in complexity from basic beginner poses to advanced high-intensity poses. Here are some great poses you can try out!